The Best SAT Free Practice Tests

Students prepping for the SAT are blessed and cursed with an abundance of free practice tests scattered across the Internet. Unfortunately, most of them are pretty crappy. You’ll want to stick with the major brand names and the few smaller players that have invested in building solid tests.

We assembled a quick set of resources to the free practice tests are are our favorites

1. The College Board Full Length Practice Test

There is simply no resource, no test, no company, no person who can claim to provide a more accurate practice test than the people who actually write the SAT. You can take one free test at the College Board website. If you want to take additional tests online, you’ll need to sign-up for their online class.

The class features most of the same content that is available for less in the Blue Book, but it does let you grade your tests online.

A quick secret: the free online test is the same as the first test in the Blue Book.

Another quick secret: Testive has an online Blue Book Grader. Just enter your answers and we’ll provide you an automatic score report so you don’t have to grade it yourself (but you will have to buy the book for this tool).

2. The Princeton Review Online Practice Test

It’s easy to say bad things about big test prep, but in most cases only the big companies have had the resources to create accurate full length SAT tests, and validate them with real students. No practice test will be as good as one from the College Board, but Princeton Review’s is more solid than most of what’s out there and it’s free and it’s online.

Like all practice tests at test prep companies, they will ask you to register for the test and they will market to you via email. Don’t let a little email scare you. It’s well worth it.

3. Testive’s Rapid SAT Test

For the busy high school student (and what high school student isn’t busy), Testive has developed a rapid SAT test. In 30 minutes, we can predict your Math, Reading or Writing score instead of the 3-4 hours you’ll spend on a full length test.

We stay accurate with much less testing time by adapting the difficulty of the questions to your ability level as you take the test. If you’re doing well the questions get harder. If you’re sucking hard core, the questions get easier.

Because our approach is so unique, we’ve had to go through a similar validation process to the big test prep players. We had to make sure our test is actually predictive so we gave it to students and then give them a full length practice test right afterward. It was a long day of testing.

You can register for our test at

Arjun Balaji is a first year Northeastern student dabbling in computer science, marketing, and finance. When he’s not spending his time working on awesome test prep products at Testive, he enjoys performing spoken word poetry, academic debate and straight chillin.

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